Grooming Services

Basic Grooming Service:

This applies to both dogs and cats!

  • Brushing Out of the Coat
  • Bathing with all Natural Shampoos 
  • Coat Conditioning Treatment 
  • Drying 
  • Trimming Nails and Pads 
  • Cleaning Ears (hair removal if necessary) 
  • Sanitary 
  • Anal Expression 
  • Styling

We also give your pet a Blueberry facial! It is an aroma-therapeutic, brightening, cleansing, tear-less, all natural, PH balanced facial massage. It is safe for both dogs and cats, and of course, smells like blueberries! We are one of the only groomers in the Lexington area to pamper your pet with the South Park's Blueberry Facial! Our clients, and their furry four-legged ones, LOVE it!


Our prices vary according to breed, size of your pet, temperament, current condition of coat, the style, length or trim preferred, coat type and/or texture. 

Please call us at (859) 296-0999 for an estimate, however exact pricing cannot be given until we have examined your pet. You are also welcome to stop by at any time during our regular business hours for a more accurate quote.