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....from scruffy to fluffy!

Spring cleaning isn't just for your home....your dogs needs a little extra attention this time of year, as well! From taming tangled fur and neutralizing dog breath to smoothing sharp nails, these grooming tips can keep your furry friend looking (and smelling) great.

Brush up your pup

Weekly brushing loosens hair, helps keep shedding under control and distributes oils throughout the coat and skin.

- Begin at the next and move down the body toward the tail.
- Brush first, and follow with a thorough combing.
- Wipe away any eye debris and brush ears.
- Remove tear stains with a specialty product.

Tub time

Regular bathing helps keep skin and fur healthy, but bathing too frequently can dry out a canine's natural oils.

- Keep the water warm but not hot.
- Wet your pooch completely, and use a washcloth for the face.
- Start at the next and lather toward the tail.
- Use soap-free shampoos made specifically for dogs.
- Avoid getting water in the eyes, nose and especially the ears.
- Rinse thoroughly and towel dry well (especially the paws!)

Dental Duties

Cavities aren't the issue - plaque, tartar and gingivitis are. Bad breath and tooth loss can be minimized with a few simple steps.

- Gently rub the gums with your fingers to get your pooch used to the feeling.
- Use dog toothpaste - never ones made for humans.
- Use your index finger or a nubby-surfaced finger brush.
- Lifting the upper lips, brush the upper teeth in a circular motion.
- Continue on the bottom row of teeth.
- Remember to massage the gum line and get the back teeth, too.

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